Tito Ortiz Makes Alberto Del RioTap


Tito Ortiz Makes Alberto Del RioTap

Tito Ortiz is a legendary MMA fighter and a UFC Legend. He recently fought former WWE wrestler, Alberto Del Rio. Ortiz is a former UFC light heavyweight champion and he was able to make quick work of Del Rio. He applied the rear-choke on Del Rio in the first round and made him tap out.

The event was organized by Combate Americas. The event was held near the U.S. Mexico Border in Texas. It was on PPV. Ortiz placed his UFC belt on the line and Del Rio placed his WWE Title on the line in the fight. Ortiz won his previous four MMA fights before coming into the octagon to fight Del Rio.

Del Rio started hyping up the fight several weeks ago. Ortiz is also a WWE Hall of Famer and showed how experienced he is during the fight. He never let Del Rio settle down during the fight. Del Rio’s last MMA bought took place in 2010.

He wrestled professionally for many years following that last MMA fight of his. Since he isn’t as experienced as Ortiz is, he couldn’t defend Ortiz’s RNC attempt. Del Rio was forced to tap at 3:10 of the first round. He didn’t offer any kind of resistance when Ortiz took him to the ground and mounted his back.

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