Stephanie McMahon chooses the most iconic WWE superstar in history

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Stephanie McMahon chooses the most iconic WWE superstar in history

The current Commissioner Stephanie McMahon discussed many topics in a recent interview with Planeta Wrestling. The WWE's Chief Brand Ambassador also indicated the most iconic superstar in the company's history, which does not correspond to her husband Triple H.

“A character that’s impressed me the most has to be The Undertaker. I mean he really is. He is the most iconic Superstar in WWE History. So I would have to say him. Those iconic characters, god, that’s what WWE is all about, we’re storytellers.

"We create these larger than life personalities that people can relate to. People can either cheer to see them win or boo to see them lose and that’s what it’s all about. It’s this interactive community that I’m just proud to be a part of" - Stephanie revealed.

She continued: "If we're doing our jobs right, then hopefully we are creating new stars. Always. That's a part of WWE's business model. That's the Performance Center. NXT, which started off as our developmental brand and is now a third global touring brand in and of itself.

"We don't do any paid marketing for, it's all done through digital and social media and it sells out all over the world because our audience is connected to it. Our audience knows that they are part of the reason why these stars make it from NXT to Raw and SmackDown."