Ryback on CM Punk Returning to WWE

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Ryback on CM Punk Returning to WWE

Ever since making his debut on WWE Backstage, many people now believe that CM Punk will make his in-ring WWE return one day. He is not working for the WWE actually. He was hired by FOX to work on WWE Backstage. Many people want to see Punk return as he is still considered to be one of the best wrestlers that ever wrestled for the WWE.

Ryback spoke about CM Punk on his podcast. He stated that the WWE will need to pay him a lot of money to return. His most likely opponent will be Seth Rollins. Ryback also commented on how difficult it would be for the WWE to finish this match.

"For them, for everything to happen the way it did and for him to be able to come back and bring up the match and with Fox and want to negotiate that match, what do you do? You are going to have to pay this guy a lot of money.

Now, what do you do for the finish? CM Punk, most likely, won't want to put Seth Rollins over when he comes back and also WWE will not want to put CM Punk in the match and hand him the keys to the castle after everything that has come down, so now you are booking yourself into this and asking yourself what you should do?"