Ric Flair reflects on his recent health scare

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Ric Flair reflects on his recent health scare

Ric Flair has had serious health problems in the last year, but he was present at the 1000th episode of SmackDown Live a few weeks ago. Recently interviewed by Stone Cold Steve Austin during his podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer reflected on his recent health scare and much more.

“I just doubled over, literally where I was standing…..Wendy took me to the hospital and I don’t remember anything, Steve, for two months. I was in a coma for 12 days, ICU for 31 days. I had kidney failure, respiratory heart failure.

I was septic and I had pneumonia all at one time. I guess I was in so much pain they induced a coma. "Wendy said I was just screaming; they couldn’t give me enough pain medicine and then it took them 12 hours to get me ready for surgery and then 12 days in a coma and then 31 days in intensive care and then I had to go over to a rehab facility to learn how to walk and just start from scratch and I never had any memory of anything until the 1st of November.

"I don’t remember any of it. Obviously, I’ve been told and it’s been filled in for me, but I don’t remember one person coming to see me from Michael Hayes to Ricky Steamboat to [Hulk] Hogan. People came from all over to see me and I don’t remember any of it.

Even when I was out of the coma in ICU, I was barely there. They did 20 cat-scans trying to figure out if I had any type of permanent damage, in terms of memory loss. I got out of that place the 28th and I was home here with full time nursing care, still on an intravenous antibiotic and I would just sit and ask Wendy questions.

"They wouldn’t give me my cell phone because every time I said something to somebody it was just crazy. They asked at the office. Hunter [Triple H] told Wendy, ‘Please don’t let him talk on the cell phone because every time I try to make sense with him, it’s out there,’ which I’m sure I was….I lost 43 pounds.

It’s a miracle Steve. I literally looked at it as being a miracle. The doctor told me it was a miracle and after I look back on everything and come to realize what actually took place, it is a miracle. People were writing me off" - Flair revealed.