Saudi Arabian Journalist on Ticket Sales

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Saudi Arabian Journalist on Ticket Sales

The WWE has held four events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They have a 10-year partnership and more events will definitely take place in the kingdom. The most recent event that took place during the partnership was the Crown Jewel event.

Mr. King is a Saudi Arabian Journalist. He joined the Wrestling Inc. podcast and spoke about the ticketing process. "Almost all of the tickets are on-line. The first two PPVs were sold out and the 2018 Crown Jewel was sold out in just four hours," King said before being asked how soon in advance tickets went on sale.

"The first three shows was two weeks before the show. The last show was a week ago which was a little bit of a problem for us." King also revealed that the WWE is not responsible for selling the tickets. The company that is selling the tickets is actually responsible for everything, including advertising.

King stated that he didn’t like securing tickets close to an event. "I'm from a city far away from the cities that host the huge wrestling shows so I have to take a flight to go there," said King. "I was really nervous about not getting a ticket until a week before but I got it."

Many WWE stars like performing in Saudi Arabia. The WWE pays its wrestlers really well and they usually put a great show for the fans of the Kingdom.