Journalist King on WWE Being Censored in Arabia

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Journalist King on WWE Being Censored in Arabia

The WWE is currently on top of the wrestling world. Its content is not for everyone though. Some of its content needs to be censored sometimes. The WWE is currently in the PG era. Back during the Attitude Era, things could get extremely rough and some of the content was definitely not for children.

The WWE regularly holds events in Saudi Arabia. They have a 10-year partnership with the great Kingdom. Their most recent event in the Kingdom was the WWE Crown Jewel event. Mr. King, a journalist from Saudia, was on the Wrestling Inc.

podcast. Over there, he spoke about whether WWE’s content is censored in the Kingdom. Wrestling Inc. asked about how the Bobby Lashley, Lana and Rusev storyline is being received in the Kingdom. "Well, it depends on the person itself because not everyone agrees to the same thing.

This is a fake storyline and as a wrestling fan, I don't like that," stated King. "It's storytelling and I understand, but as a wrestling fan I don't like that this is happening for Rusev and Lana. Don't do stuff like that for them as maybe it will truly affect their relationship.

So, I'm really afraid for Rusev and Lana." It appears then that the people of Saudi Arabia are now very open-minded. There was a time when they would not let any such content get into their country.