Journalist Speaks about WWE Travel Issue

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Journalist Speaks about WWE Travel Issue

The WWE and Saudi Arabia made headlines a few months back. After the Crown Jewel event, many WWE superstars failed to leave the country in time for the Smackdown event that took place the same week. According to various reports, the stars could not leave as there was an issue with the plane in which they were supposed to travel.

This has never been confirmed and some people even believe that the stars were held back due to a payment issue. Mr. King, a journalist from Saudi Arabia, joined the WINCLY podcast recently. He spoke about the entire issue in detail and shared what he knew.

"About the travel issues, there is no official statement about it but in my opinion it's a paperwork problem. When you take a piece of work for a couple of days and your flight didn't take you out of the country, it's a little bit of a problem.

There's a hotel inside the airport and they slept there and took another flight," revealed King. "I think the problem was the plane itself. The team stopped it and said this plane is not safe for you to leave. Thank God they noticed this before they left because it would have been a huge problem if something happened." King stated that he ran into a few superstars during that time. They were staying in the same hotel as he was.