Bischoff on Media Copying Wrestling’s Formula

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Bischoff on Media Copying Wrestling’s Formula

Eric Bischoff is the former president of WCW, which was at a time the number 1 pro wrestling promotion of the world. WCW has produced a lot of great superstars. Some of those superstars are now WWE Hall of Famers. Eric Bischoff was at TEDxNaperville in Naperville, Illinois recently where he did a TED Talk.

He stated that he believes that today’s media uses pro wrestling’s formula. "What is with the news today? All of us are exposed to it, right? I mean most of us — if you're like me at least I'm kind of addicted to it — but I try as hard as I can to not watch it, because it upsets me,” stated Bischoff.

“It wasn't until after I got out of the wrestling business and I retired then I realized that the news media and professional wrestling used much of the same formula. They don't want you to think, they want you to feel, and as long as you feel passionately one way or the other, business is good, and right now business is very, very good for the news media that cover politics.

"It never used to be that way, now I'm 63-years-old, I've been around for a little while and I've always been interested in current events,” Bischoff continued. “As I got older, I don't recall seeing politics as bad as it is today.

At least the news media back in the 60s, 70s, or 80s, at least they tried to pretend and most of them did a great job. At least there was an integrity in journalism and lines they wouldn't cross, things they wouldn't do.

They would report both sides of the stories and let the audience or the reader decide how they felt about the given issue, or personality, or politician, but that's gone. Why is that? Why did that happen? It seems to me at least then it's really just begun happening over the last ten or eight years is when it's gotten really bad.

"Where what you watch on television isn't as much informing you and making you think, it's making you feel and pissing you off more often than not, because that's what they do it's called 'cheap heat' in the wrestling business.

It's easy, just like me coming out here and making fun of people. It's easy to get people to react to that kind of thing and a lot easier to get them to react to that than asking them to think. So that's what they do."