Robert Roode update, and Joaquin Wilde Debut

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Robert Roode update, and Joaquin Wilde Debut

Joaquin Wilde is an NXT Superstar and he made his WWE 205 Live recently. He fought James Tapia who was a local enhancement talent. James Tapia uses the same ring name when he wrestles for indie promotions. Tapia is pretty active on Twitter and goes by @OfficalTapia.

According to him, he was trained by Ken Anderson, Arik Cannon, Shawn Daivari and WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly. The video of the match is available on the official WWE YouTube channel. Wilde also spoke about the NXT Cruiserweight Title in a video that is available on YouTube.

Michael Cole reported that Robert Roode was not present on Smackdown this week as he is out of action with an injury. Roode suffered the injury after fighting Roman Reigns on the 29th November episode of Smackdown. Roode left the arena in an ambulance that night.

The WWE announced that Roode and Primo Colon violated the WWE Wellness Policy and have actually been suspended for 30 days. The WWE has been very strict about banning wrestlers or suspending wrestlers that violate the WWE Wellness Policy.

The WWE had a lot of trouble in the past with wrestlers that used drugs or steroids. Many wrestlers suffered from various health issues in the past due to it. The WWE is mostly drug-free and steroid free now, although some wrestlers still do take drugs from time to time and get banned for using them.