Bayley on Defeating Dana Brooke

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Bayley on Defeating Dana Brooke

Bayley is one of the top talents in the WWE locker room. She is a former NXT star. Ever since joining the main roster a few years back, she has risen to the top of the company. She won the Smackdown Women’s Title a few months back.

Besides winning this title, she has won numerous other titles during her time with the company. Bayley was in action this week. She wrestled the very talented Dana Brooke, who is being used quite frequently by the WWE. They wrestled with each other last night.

Dana Brooke lost the match. After the match, Bayley spoke about her victory. She stated that the victory was very satisfying for her. "It was super satisfying," Bayley responded. "To be honest, I'm a little more satisfied that Dana accepted the challenge, that's more than I can say for this whole division.

Lacey has been one to punch my friend in the face and talk a lot of smack, but still hasn't challenged me. She hasn't challenge the champion and neither has any of these women. That's why I have to keep facing women from RAW or NXT.

I've been begging these women to step it up, and their not. They're lazy, they're unmotivated, they're not on my level." Bayley and Sasha Banks recently joined forces again a few weeks back. Before WrestleMania 35, they were the Women’s Tag Team Champions.