Roman Reigns on Upcoming Match with Corbin


Roman Reigns on Upcoming Match with Corbin

Roman Reigns is known as the big dog in the WWE. He is one of the most valuable superstars that WWE has and is one of the best when it comes to performing consistently in the ring. Roman Reigns is also a former member of The Shield which was a very strong group in the WWE.

Ever since becoming a solo performer, Reigns has wrestled some of the best wrestlers that the WWE has. He is a former WWE Universal Champion and is set to wrestle Baron Corbin at the upcoming WWE TLC PPV event. The match will take place this Sunday at Minneapolis.

He spoke to Cathy Kelley backstage about the upcoming match. "I got so much left in the tank," Reigns said. "Minneapolis at TLC, Corbin, you're done, bro. Have fun, enjoy this, enjoy this while you're here. You're in my world now.

You're gonna understand on Sunday, it's done. Ain't no more King, ain't none of that, you're just Roman Reigns' b----." Reigns weren’t received well by the WWE fans after he became a babyface. He was considered a very boring wrestler.

The WWE still pushed him very hard and he even managed to defeat The Undertaker at a WrestleMania event. Reigns was received well by the fans after he won his battle with Leukemia. He returned to the WWE a few months later and started competing at the highest level after only a few matches.

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