Moondog Rex, Aged 69, Passes Away

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Moondog Rex, Aged 69, Passes Away

It is sad to see our legendary professional wrestlers pass away. Many world-famous professional wrestlers over the years have passed away. Some of them suffered from various health problems related to professional wrestling. Others died naturally.

Randy Colley is a former WWE and WCW Superstar. According to the news, he passed away just recently aged 69. Colly worked as Moondog Rex, and he is best known for that. He was also the original Smash from Demolition. Barry Darsow later replaced him.

He was part of a group called Desperados in the WCW. The other members were Black Bart and Mantell. He won the WWE Tag Team Title, the Mid-South North American Heavyweight Champion, a two-time NWA Georgia Tag Team Title, and a three-time USWA World Tag Team Champion.

Memphis Wrestling posted the news: "Randy Colley, Moondog Rex, as well as the original Demolition Smash has passed away. Thank you for the matches & the memories, sir.. Rest in peace, Randy." We do not know right now what was the reason for his death.

If his death was a result of a wrestling injury, then it hasn’t been clearly stated. All we know is that he was a good performer and put his body on the line regularly to entertain the fans. All professional wrestlers put their body on the lines and deserve massive respect for the amount of work they do.