Stone Cold Steve Austin: "WWE wanted me to wear a singlet"

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Stone Cold Steve Austin: "WWE wanted me to wear a singlet"

In the latest edition of his podcast, Stone Cold Steve Austin told an interesting anecdote about the WWE. “Man, they wanted me to wear a singlet. I said, ‘I ain’t wearing a singlet.’ And when I debuted, I wore those green trunks for a few episodes of TV and I still had my Hollywood Blond boots because I asked them about what I needed to bring.

"They said, ‘naw, man, just bring your old boots,’ so I knew they didn’t have [any] plans for me”. Austin said, “so anyway, when I knew they really weren’t paying attention, I started wearing my black stuff and I got my black boots and turned it into what I turned it into”.

He continued: “We used to go [to Gold’s Gym] back in the heyday, man. And then, all-of-a-sudden, I got all beat up. Hey, I haven’t been back in 10 years. I’m working on making a comeback to Gold’s Gym.

"Hell, man, half the women in there are bigger than me, so I was coming back from a shoulder injury one time and I think I was pressing like 50s or 60s and some chick was pressing 80s! So I said, ‘eff this! I’m going to start training arms!'”