Becky Lynch Praises Kairi Sane

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Becky Lynch Praises Kairi Sane

Becky Lynch was in action at the recent WWE TLC PPV. She is the current WWE RAW Women’s Champion and one of the most famous WWE female wrestlers in the world. She recently praised Kairi Sane. Lynch wrote on Twitter, "Kairi Sane, you truly are a warrior."

We believe that Kairi Sane actually suffered a brutal concussion during the TLC match that she was in. it was also the main event of the PPV. The medical team that the WWE has backstage checked on her after the match was over.

A report from stated that Sane wasn’t moving correctly during a portion of the match. She didn’t even receive the Spear from Charlotte Flair properly, which indicated that her legs were mostly jelly during that time.

These are obvious signs of a concussion. Sane most likely suffered the injury after she was hit on the head with a monitor. Flair and Lynch were throwing monitors around at ringside and that is when the injury most likely occured.

An official statement on this is expected soon. The WWE has so far announced no injuries from TLC. Concussions are a big problem in the world of professional wrestling. Most wrestlers get injured multiple times during the course of their careers. Neck and head injuries are the worst of them and they can cripple a wrestler for life.