Ric Flair speaks about Tully Blanchard

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Ric Flair speaks about Tully Blanchard

Ric Flair is officially recognized by WWE as a 16-time world champion (eight-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, six-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and two-time WWF Champion), although the number of his world championship reigns varies by source, ranging from 16 to 25.

He has claimed to be a 21-time champion. He was the first holder of the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship (which he also held last). As the inaugural WCW World Heavyweight Champion, he became the first person to complete WCW's Triple Crown, having already held the United States Heavyweight and World Tag Team Championships.

He then completed WWE's version of the Triple Crown when he won the Intercontinental Championship, after already holding the WWF Championship and the World Tag Team Championship. In an interview with Wrestling Inc, he spoke about Tully Blanchard: “I haven’t seen him talk or anything, only manage.

I’ve only seen him out there just twice but I haven’t seen him talk. If you’re asking me if I could do stuff like that, of course. But to me, that’s part of wrestling. One of the things that drives me crazy, and I know the answer, but what’s hard for me to understand is people making their own managers now.

I’m a mark for Stephanie McMahon even before she and Hunter got married as she was always a natural on the mic like her dad. I know they don’t use her as much as she wants to be at home with her family but not having her out there… she can go either way. She can be good one week and bad the next. When she wants to be bad, she is the best heel in the business”.