WWE and UFC Take Interest in College Athlete

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WWE and UFC Take Interest in College Athlete

Wrestling promotions and MMA promotions work hard to find new talented athletes to work for them. Without talented athletes, the promotions fail, as they are simply not able to produce high quality matches. Without high quality matches, viewership decreases and so does the money that a promotion makes.

Paul Heyman was on Twitter recently where he talked about the UFC and the WWE. He predicts that the two companies may try to sign collegiate wrestler Gable Steveson for their respective promotions. Steveson has 13 wins and zero losses in his wrestling career so far and is currently at the University of Minnesota.

He recently won the heavyweight championship by competing in the Cliff Keen Invitational. Heyman tweeted: If ur looking just a couple of yrs into the future, the next big bidding war between @WWE and @UFC will take place over the services of @GSteveson, the undefeated #UofM wrestler who, as a freshman, brought renewed interest to college like no one since...

Steveson was at a WWE live event that was at Target Center in Minneapolis with his brother. He was backstage where he took pictures with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. We only have to wait and see whether Heyman’s prediction is correct. If so, we may see a future bidding war between the UFC and the WWE.