Billy Gunn speaks about his WWE release

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Billy Gunn speaks about his WWE release

During a recent interview with The Ring, The Cage, and the Stage, Billy Gunn spoke for the first time about his WWE release. In his career, Gunn has also fought in TNA and in the independent circuit. “There’s a lot more to it [getting fired from WWE for failing his PED Test].

The strength and conditioning coach at the Performance Center came to me to do a powerlifting contest. So I trained for it, they tested me, then someone leaked the information about failing my PED test. More to it, but I would rather hold up my end of the bargain to not talk about it.

"People thought I was doing it to cheat, but I wasn’t. I’m 50 years old, I was on the drug because my levels were completely drained. That’s about it. I don’t hold any grudges, it was bad on my part, but I told them, and didn’t hide anything either" - Billy explained.

On his partnership with Chuck Palumbo: “They knew what we were doing and that it was amazing. They didn’t understand it at first, but once they did, they thought it was pretty entertaining. There wasn’t any bad backlash.

"A lot of people do say ‘can’t believe that you did that.’ Why? That challenge me as a performance. Trying to pull off a character, you have to believe in it or the fans won’t believe it”.