Homicide on Being Proud of His Students

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Homicide on Being Proud of His Students

Homicide is a veteran professional wrestler. He was part of the original 'Latin American Xchange' He was interviewed by Wrestling Inc.' s own Andy Malnoske recently. He spoke about his students. His students, Santana and Ortiz have a team called Proud N' Powerful.

They work at All Elite Wrestling and regularly appear at AEW Dynamite. "I got two kids: a twenty-two year old boy and twenty year old daughter. I consider my students my kids and those two guys, I'm so proud of them!" Homicide said.

"In wrestling, those are my kids and every Wednesday on TNT, they're kicking butts and they're representing. They're proud and they are powerful, and I'm so proud of their accomplishments with what they're doing right now.

The scary thing is that I've told them this is only the beginning; there are more years to come and they've just started. And right now, they're on fire." Homicide has a lot of fans in the indie circuit. He hasn’t really performed for the WWE and is not one of the top guys for any wrestling promotion yet.

He is simply known very well for being very consistent and really passing the test of time. Homicide stated during the same interview that this year will most likely be his last. Homicide will definitely be missed by his fans. Also, Homicide stated that he is interested in becoming a coach, full-time.