Mandy Rose on Giving WWE a Shot

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Mandy Rose on Giving WWE a Shot

Mandy Rose is a WWE superstar and has wrestled some of WWE’s best Superstars. She was with Fox Wilmington recently and spoke about her journey to the WWE. She actually wasn’t scouted and instead had to make her way into the WWE through Tough Enough.

She got her Bachelor’s degree and then entered the world of body-building and fitness. She went on to become the 2014 World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Bik*** Champion. The WWE took notice of her and she was invited to compete at WWE Tough Enough 2015.

"I was studying speech-language pathology at Iona College and I got my bachelor's degree there. And then I was approached from a friend, actually, that was like, 'You know, you should get into bodybuilding and fitness competitions.'

And I didn't really know anything about that industry, but it kind of intrigued me a little bit. So I was like, 'I'll give it a shot.' "You know, I always was fit and loved to work out and play sports, but I didn't really know, you know, anything about fitness competition”.

It is through Tough Enough that she got recognized for her work. Mandy is definitely not the best female superstar when it comes down to superior technique, but her work ethics are second to none. She can easily hang around with anyone in the ring and isn’t afraid of going against the best female wrestlers of the world.