Mandy Rose on Getting Her Ring Name

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Mandy Rose on Getting Her Ring Name

There are a number of professional wrestlers that are fortunate enough to choose their own ring names. Big promotions such as the WWE actually choose the ring name for their professional wrestlers. This is usually done by the WWE’s creative team.

Some wrestlers get their names derived from their real names. Some ring names have nothing to do with their ring names. Good ring names are quite important for the longevity of a wrestler. Mandy Rose spoke about her name on FOX-Wilmington.

She spoke about her real name and how they didn’t change the name ‘Mandy’ after she was known for it in the WWE. "Mandy Rose: My real name is Amanda Rose Saccomanno, so a lot of people don't know that, but Rose is kind of special in my family as my grandma's name is Rosemary, my mom's name is Mary Rose, I'm Amanda Rose, my niece is Demi Rose.

So it kind of just keeps going in the family. "But I was put on Total Divas right when I got signed, so before I kind of stepped foot in the ring, I was on Total Divas and I went by the name of Mandy, so … we didn't really want to change my name after that”. Mandy Rose is at the moment just a mid-card WWE wrestler. She isn’t the best technical wrestler.