The Revival Taking Time Off

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The Revival Taking Time Off

Scott Dawson is part of the awesome WWE Tag Team group called The Revival. He stated that The Revival will go on a break and we do not know when we would see them again. "Guys, it's time to go away for a while until we get everything figured out.

See ya soon," Dawson wrote. The Revival will need to sign new WWE contracts after April. Their contracts will expire in April. Wilder will have 10 weeks put on his contract reportedly. This is because he had to take time off after suffering a broken jaw.

The Revival has made their thoughts known about WWE in the past. They do not like how WWE has handled them. They also think that WWE is not handling its tag team division well enough. According to some reports, they turned down an offer from the WWE that would have seen them make close to $500,000 a year for 5 years straight.

Revival has teased in the past that they will fight The Young Bucks in the near future. They also want to face David Finlay and Juice Robinson who are the current IWGP Tag Team Champions. Wilder released a tweet about a month ago: "2017 was a wash.

2018 we got our groove back. 2019 we took control back. 2020 we change everything." The Revival might also have a match with Harlem Heat in the Future, as it was teased.