Injuries Sustained Before Hard to Kill

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Injuries Sustained Before Hard to Kill

A while back, Bash at the Brewery 2 took place. The event was held in San Antonio. During the event, Rich Swann reportedly hurt his ankle. This report was released by PWInsider. Swann will most likely not make it for the Hard to Kill PPV.

Swan was supposed to team up with Willie Mack. They were going to fight for the Impact World Tag Team Champions. The current champions are The North (Josh Alexander and Ethan Page). According to a report, the match might be changed into a handicap match.

This has not been announced yet. The impact made the announcement about his injury: "Rich Swann suffered a harrowing injury to his right ankle on Friday night. He says he still wants to compete for the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles tonight...

but will the doctors let him?" According to reports, Page is not feeling well either and might not compete at Hard to Kill. He is suffering from salmonella poisoning. He stated: "This is where I've been sitting for the last couple hours.

Turns out, it's not food poisoning...but salmonella. Thanks @BourbonStGrill Wish me luck. LIVE on PPV tonight...where I attempt (yet again) to not s--- myself! I truly am...#HARDTOKILL" Hard to Kill has some important matches including Tessa Blanchard vs Sami Callihan. It will be for the Impact World Title. It will definitely be a treat to watch.