Joey Ryan on Joining Impact Wrestling

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Joey Ryan on Joining Impact Wrestling

Joey Ryan is a very famous indie wrestler and he is currently working for Impact Wrestling. Ryan is known for his very unique gimmick. He usually rubs baby oil before he fights and regularly puts female wrestlers in compromising positions in Intergender matches.

He has a huge set of fans. Many people were surprised when Joey signed for Impact Wrestling and not for the WWE. According to some reports, he was offered a good deal in which he would have worked as a coach. He rejected that.

While talking to the media, Joey Ryan revealed that he loves indie wrestling. He stated that is the reason why he signed with Impact Wrestling: "I really, really enjoy—I could probably use the word 'love' the independent wrestling scene, it's where I thrive," Ryan said.

"It's where I really get motivated. The fact that Impact offered me a deal that was non-exclusive, and I could still do the independent scene, that was probably the most appealing part to it. I don't think I ever want to give that up.

I'm exclusive, as far as national television ... which meant I can still do a lot of the independents that I really, really enjoy." Joey Ryan even fought the great Tessa Blanchard in Impact wrestling. Tessa beat him quite easily and he didn’t really put up much of a challenge. Tessa will fight for the Impact World Title Soon.