Charlotte Flair on Working with Andrade

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Charlotte Flair on Working with Andrade

Charlotte Flair and WWE Superstar Andrade are engaged to each other. They are one of WWE’s power couples. Charlotte is the daughter of the great Ric Flair. Ric is considered to be one of the great professional wrestlers of all time.

Charlotte is working on the same brand as Andrade. She spoke to UK metro about working with him on WWE TV. Charlotte stated that he is working with Zelina Vega these days and is simply concentrating on that. "So, for Andrade right now, the focus is having the US Championship," Flair said.

"And his bond with Zelina is so strong. I think the two of us having separate storylines and not being together on camera is probably for the best right now. "Definitely later down the road, we're open to the idea of a mixed tag or doing something together.

But I think right now is a super important time in his career, and I wouldn't want to interfere with how well Zelina and Manny work together." Many people will say that it is best that they do not work together on WWE TV.

The WWE has not been very good at handling couples in a decent way on TV. It could end up very badly for Charlotte and Andrade actually. At least, that is what history tells us.