Becky Lynch talks about the WWE women’s division

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Becky Lynch talks about the WWE women’s division

In the episode of Raw of January 6th, 2020, Becky Lynch held a promo in the ring, talking about how many things have changed in this year and which will manage to prevail over the only wrestler who has never been able to beat, but is interrupted by Asuka joins her on the ring, before spreading the Japanese with a hook.

In the episode of Raw of 13 January, the contract for the match between Becky Lynch and Asuka is signed, accompanied by Kairi Sane, who teased a worried Lynch with an umbrella and then suffered the green mist on the face from her challenger, who abandoned the ring, while Becky took the microphone and promised that if she lost, Asuka will fall with her.

During a long interview with Sports Illustrated, Lynch talked about the WWE women’s division: “This truly picked up genuine momentum when we got stories that were personal. Friendships were on the line, there was betrayal, and I really do think that what we were allowed to do in NXT transformed what we do in WWE now.

Being able to have that platform where we could have longer matches, where we could tell engaging stories, and our gender was never a limitation, which it seemed to have been on the main roster”.