John Cena on being a storyteller

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John Cena on being a storyteller

John Cena started his wrestling career in November 1999, with the Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW), where he once held the UPW Heavyweight Championship; he signed a development contract with the then World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 2000, making his debut on the main roster in June 2002.

Outside of wrestling, Cena has attained success as a musician, actor, and philanthropist. He released the rap album You Can't See Me in 2005, which gained platinum certification in the United States. He has had leading film roles in The Marine (2006), 12 Rounds (2009), Trainwreck (2015), Ferdinand (2017), Blockers (2018), and Bumblebee (2018).

He is also known for his involvement in numerous charitable causes, namely the Make-A-Wish Foundation, where he has granted over 600 wishes, the most in company history. In a recent interview wit Collider, Cena reflected on being a storyteller: “When I watch Guardians [of the Galaxy], immediately I’m connected to these people and I walk away with a certain takeaway from that movie.

It has nothing to do with the preconceived notions of the comic book characters. I watched the movie for the movie and I enjoy it. I’m also a storyteller at heart. I got to go out there on a nightly basis in WWE and entertain Birmingham, Alabama and make them want to believe that they want to see a WWE title switch or that so-and-so hates so-and-so or whatever story we’re trying to put together for that night. So I tip my cap to a great storyteller. James [Gunn] is a writer and a developer and he has great vision”.