Shane Taylor on Lack of Heavyweights

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Shane Taylor on Lack of Heavyweights

Shane Taylor is a famous Ring of Honor Superstar. He was with Solowrestling recently. Although his interview was long, he spoke about something very important. He talked about heavyweights or the lack of heavyweights in modern-day professional wrestling.

Back in the old days, you only needed to be big in order to qualify as a professional wrestler. These days, even smaller men can participate in the world of professional wrestling and make a name for themselves. That means, we saw a lot of variation in styles and athletic moves were performed by the smaller wrestlers.

Agility is a major attribute that a modern professional wrestler should have. "They are not missing, because you have great men who are amazing in what they do—me, Keith Lee, Erik and Ivar from WWE, and the list goes on," Taylor said.

"They are all big athletic, strong men ... now I think it's normal, in other sports we have seen the same transition, the fans want things faster ... the attention is less and they want, fast, fast, fast. Whether football, basketball, etc.

People change the game to be fast. In wrestling, as in other sports, the biggest draw or presentation will always be Heavyweight Champion. Earn so much attention and prestige that you can never go far from that. For people like me, I think you have to prove that it's still true every night."