Beth Phoenix on Career Regret

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Beth Phoenix on Career Regret

There are a huge number of professional wrestlers that continue wrestling beyond their prime. Some wrestlers wrestle for more than 30 years and eventually become veterans. Of course, not all wrestlers can achieve everything in their careers.

Almost all wrestlers have at least one career regret. Beth Phoenix is a WWE Hall of Famer and one of the greatest WWE female wrestlers of all-time. She was in the Divas Era but was not a typical Diva. She was known for being very powerful and could easily perform power moves similar to most of the male wrestlers of her time.

Beth had a fantastic career. She now enjoys being an NXT commentator. She is actually quite a good commentator. She recently spoke on Twitter about her career. She revealed one of her career regrets. "To answer your question, one of my only career regrets was that I never had the opportunity to compete in a steel cage."

Over the years, we have seen women perform in steel cage matches. We have also seen them perform in Hell in a Cell match. Beth can still wrestle, but it appears that she is not in the mood to step into the ring again. These days, most of the famous WWE wrestlers are all females. Many people consider Becky Lynch to be the face of the WWE. This is all due to the women’s revolution in the WWE.