Paige on Wrestling for WWE Again

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Paige on Wrestling for WWE Again

Paige made an instant impact on the world of professional wrestling as soon as she made her main roster debut a few years ago. She beat AJ Lee, who was the Divas Champion at that time. AJ Lee held the Divas Title for a record number of days during her reign, before she lost to Paige.

Paige went on to become one of the top Divas in the WWE and she had a large fan base. That all came to an end when she was forced to retire after suffering a career-ending neck injury. Since she is still quite young, many fans believe that Paige will return to perform for the WWE one day again.

Of course, her neck would have to be in really good condition before she can even hope to wrestle again. She spoke to BT Sport about getting in the ring again to wrestle. She stated that if she has to wrestle, it won’t be for a one minute match.

"Well, not for a one minute," Paige said. "But you know, never say never, of course. You always... yeah you don't want to put any doubt underneath them, but hopefully one day." She also spoke about still being involved with WWE even though she is not an active wrestler.

"Well, the wonderful thing, too, about bring part of WWE is even though I'm not in the ring in a physical capacity, they give me the opportunity to do other stuff," Paige answered. "So, I get to be General Manager of SmackDown, or I get to manage [WWE Women's Tag Team Champions] The Kabuki Warriors. Now I'm an analyst on WWE Backstage on FOX."