Ryback on Edge Returning at Royal Rumble

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Ryback on Edge Returning at Royal Rumble

Some people believe that Edge will make his WWE in-ring return at the Royal Rumble. He had to retire a few years ago after suffering a brutal neck injury. The last time we saw him in a WWE ring was back in 2011. His return might also be a one-off thing if doctors have told him that he can’t wrestle full-time.

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Ryback spoke about it on his podcast. He stated that it would be a big risk for Edge. "He's not gonna come and say it and ruin it for everybody. I heard that and that would be a hell of a match to come back and do.

I just don't know from a health standpoint. Brock is one of the most physical guys you can put yourself in the ring with," Ryback said. "Brock's a safe worker. When you're that big and strong, you work physical.

There's no way around it. You can't work any other way. His move set is power moves and throwing people." Ryback also went on to say that Edge might be able to use the Royal Rumble as a testing ground. He can find out whether his body can actually go through a full match without breaking down.

"Edge is the man. I think it's really cool is they do that, but it's a hell of a first match to come back and throw yourself into," Ryback said. "If it goes well and he feels good, maybe, 'f**k, if I could do this and wrestle Brock and be OK, I can come back.' "