Arn Anderson on CM Punk’s WWE Run

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Arn Anderson on CM Punk’s WWE Run

CM Punk is regarded by many as one of the greatest heel wrestlers ever to wrestle in the WWE. He nearly changed the entire landscape of the WWE by openly criticizing Vince McMahon and stating that he does not know how to run his own company.

CM Punk had a successful WWE run, but could never main even WrestleMania. For a long time, Arn Anderson was CM Punk’s road agent. Conrad Thompson spoke to Arn Anderson on his podcast. Conrad asked Arn whether Arn considers his WWE run a good one.

"I think he had a pretty good run. If you look at every piece of talent in its entirety, and who was pushed properly, who was able to do what on TV, who made money, what was the length of their tenure as champion… I think he had a pretty fair run," said Anderson.

"I know he was able to talk them into trusting him to do the pipe bomb promo and those are the things people seem to remember. There's nothing like being able to look at your boss and telling him to F off. That's what got Austin over and made him special and he was the first to able do it."

CM Punk now works as an analyst on WWE Backstage. He is not directly employed by the WWE at the moment. FOX has actually hired him and that is why he has not appeared on any WWE TV show.