Arn Anderson on CM Punk’s WWE Backstage Debut

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Arn Anderson on CM Punk’s WWE Backstage Debut

Many CM Punk fans were delighted to see him make his debut on WWE Backstage. CM Punk does not work for WWE directly. He is currently a FOX employee. That is one of the reasons why he hasn’t appeared on WWE TV and is not wrestling for the company.

Arn Anderson worked for CM Punk as his road agent. He spoke about Punk’s debut on WWE Backstage on Conrad Thompson’s podcast. He stated that CM Punk’s interview with him at Starrcast generated more buzz than Punk’s Backstage debut.

He stated that FOX did not advertise him well enough. "You only get a first chance to make that impression. Now it's already out of the bag and the speculation is when he's gonna show up. He's probably gonna wrestle so and so.

You're gonna have all that speculation but you wanna have that huge platform for a guy to get reintroduced to the biggest audience you could possibly have," said Anderson. "If you knew you were gonna go this way anyway – and this is a big if – wouldn't it have been on that very first Friday SmackDown? That's when you had the most eyes on it”.

Many people still believe that CM Punk will return and wrestle for the WWE one day. So far, CM Punk has shown no interest in returning to wrestle for the WWE.