Drew McIntyre on The Chosen One

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Drew McIntyre on The Chosen One

Drew McIntyre is a very well known WWE wrestler. He is regularly used by the WWE and performs at most PPV events that the promotion organizes. Drew found success during his second run with the WWE. During his first run, he didn’t find a lot of success.

He left the WWE and joined Impact Wrestling. Over there, he built himself and became the talented performer that we know today. So Drew is one of those wrestlers that had to go out of the WWE and perform for another promotion to get WWE’s attention.

Drew was known as “The Chosen One” during his first WWE run. He spoke about it on WWE’ YouTube channel. "The Chosen One thing started when I was 23 or 24 when Vince endorsed me on television. That's not something that I knew was going to happen," McIntyre recalled on WWE's After The Bell podcast.

"I was just in Gorilla (Position) and I was aware I had a promo and they told me Vince was gonna say 'a quick thing' and I'll just go out and react. I was like, 'Okay.' Then he went out there on television and he put me over as a future World Champion as I say he didn't say when it is over ten years later. When it happens, it could be true when it happens he was right like he always is”.