Drew McIntyre on His 2017 Return

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Drew McIntyre on His 2017 Return

Drew McIntyre is a very successful WWE heel. He is regularly used by the WWE these days. However, his start in WWE was far from ideal. During his first run, Drew was known as “The Chosen One”. At that time, he didn’t have a very interesting character and failed to get an traction from the fans.

Drew left the WWE and joined Impact Wrestling. Over there, he evolved and joined the WWE again in 2017 after the WWE took note of his skills. He is now one of the most popular stars in the company. He spoke about his 2017 return on YouTube and what really caused the WWE do took notice of him during his NXT days.

"It's just something I did at a house show once," McIntyre stated. "I did it, the crowd got involved. Outside the company, I was very interactive with the crowd. Coming back to RAW, I was serious (character-wise) for a while, because that was what they wanted me to portray.

Finally, when I got the ok to be myself, I was thinking the whole time and telling them the whole time, I'm a 6'5", 270 pound, hairy Scotsman, who no one could relate to. I need to let them in a bit; just let me be myself.

I'm a bit silly, I like to have fun, crack a few jokes. When it comes to kicking a**, I kick a**. That's what's going to make me relatable, and thankfully it's working now."