Jake Roberts on Cutting Promos

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Jake Roberts on Cutting Promos

Jake “The Snake” Roberts retired years ago but he is still one of the most well-known names in the professional wrestling industry today. He is one of the best performers in WWE’s history. Even after so many years, he has still kept himself active in the world of professional wrestling.

The Snake was recently a guest on the WINCLY podcast. Most of his fans know that he now spends his time training other professional wrestlers and helps them make it to the big time. Jake was known for his promos. He made them look extremely real.

Back in the day, promos were not scripted and wrestlers could easily say and do whatever they wanted. Jake stated that he was very straightforward in his interviews. He tries to tell his students to do that same, but of course, some promotions simply do not allow it.

These days, most promos are very scripted. "I've pretty much done everything I tried to do and I can say that now that I've gotten sober. My ring work was damn good and not many people could touch it," stated Roberts.

"What's to say I can't teach somebody? I've taught a lot of people whether it was Steve Austin or Diamond Dallas Page or the Road Warriors. I taught them well evidently and then to get kudos from Undertaker on his thing with Steve Austin was cool."