Sylvain Grenier on WWE Return

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Sylvain Grenier on WWE Return

Sylvain Grenier is a former WWE Tag Team Champion. It was noted that he has started working for the WWE again. He now works as a Producer, and his role is limited to a backstage role for now. He spoke about it with TVA Sport in Montreal.

It all started when Grenier took some picture with Kevin Dunn last April. Dunn told him that the WWE was looking for people those days. He was invited to be part of the Smackdown FOX premiere in Los Angeles. The premiere was on the 4th of October.

His training for his new role started last Monday. Grenier was on WWE camera recently. The video was made in the INTRUST Arena in Wichita, Kansas. He likes being back in the WWE. "It's nerve-racking, but exciting in the same time," Grenier said.

"It's a long time coming, but I'm back. I'm very, very pleased." He spoke about his backstage role and how much the WWE has changed since the last time he worked for the promotion. "I'm going to help the new kids around the block, and some veterans," Grenier said.

"But I have a lot to learn again. It's a new job, it's a new way, it's a new vision, it's a new reality. You guys [WWE Digital] weren't here, we didn't need you, now we do. So, it's a new aspect. So, I'm thrilled, very thrilled."