Matt Hardy Might Leave the WWE

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Matt Hardy Might Leave the WWE

Matt Hardy performed this week on RAW. it was the Royal Rumble go-home edition of RAW. Matt wrestled the powerful Eric Rowan. Matt spoke to his Twitter fans after trending worldwide on Twitter. He thanked his fans for all the support that he has received and again spoke about possibly leaving the WWE.

"WOW! Thanks for all the love & support from around the world," Matt wrote. "I'm trending #17 worldwide because of my @WWE slump & string of #RAW TV losses. Hope you're enjoying my #WWE TV appearances..

At this rate there won't be many more." Matt Hardy might actually end up with All Elite Wrestling with Jeff Hardy if they both quit the WWE. AEW will pay them very well as they are a legendary tag team and might be able to really help AEW beat the WWE.

Matt’s contract will expire soon. He will be able to wrestle for any other promotion after the 1st of March. According to reports, Matt is trying to negotiate a deal with the WWE. Money is not a problem for him. He just has issues with how the WWE might use him creatively if he re-signs as he thinks it might be his last run in the WWE.

Matt has not won a single match since he made his WWE TV return in December. He has been working as a solo performer ever since he came back. Jeff is injured and is recovering.