Xavier Woods on The Undisputed Era

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Xavier Woods on The Undisputed Era

Xavier Woods is a popular member of The New Day. In fact, most of the members of The New Day are very well-known as they are one of the most popular groups in the WWE right now. The New Day consists of Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston.

Before becoming The New Day, they did well as solo performers. Kofi Kingston is in fact a former WWE Champion and was on top of the company for a while. Recently the group did a Q and A Session on Social Media. They spoke about almost going up against the Undisputed Era and The Elite.

Xavier Woods provided the following details: "Obviously, as a group, we haven't gone up against The Undisputed Era, so I would love that. But one that is more of a fantasy that probably won't happen - I hope it does at some point - would be going up against The Elite.

Dope. So specifically, Kenny [Omega] and The [Young] Bucks. So essentially, we had a taste of it. We went up against them in a Street Fighter competition at E3. We were bringing [pro] wrestling worlds together”. The Young Bucks are part of All Elite Wrestling, which is the only promotion that people believe might beat the WWE one day. These days, AEW’s Dynamite is battling WWE NXT. So far, they are pretty head to head in terms of ratings.