Drew McIntyre on WWE Competition

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Drew McIntyre on WWE Competition

According to Drew McIntyre, there are not many wrestlers in the world that can stand toe to toe with him. There is no doubt about the fact that Drew has improved over the years and he is currently one of WWE’s top competitors.

He was at one time just an average wrestler. His first run in the WWE was far from ideal. Drew now believes that a wrestler like Brock Lesnar is the only one that can fight him well. "There aren't many who can stand toe-to-toe with me.

That's someone I definitely want. He gets this criticism that he doesn't show up to work all the time and this and that. The way I look at it, he was offered the contract. He signed the contract. It's not his fault. The only problem I have is the title is not on the shows and live events.

We need the title back. I have no personal issues with him. Who wouldn't sign that contract? I just want that opportunity to get the title back on Raw because it belongs on the shows and live events." Drew quit the WWE a few years ago after his first run in the WWE.

He joined Impact Wrestling and stayed there for a while. He got extremely famous there, and then the WWE took notice of him. They then rehired him and have since then used him regularly.