Paige on Making an In-Ring Return and Social Media

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Paige on Making an In-Ring Return and Social Media

Even though Paige is retired, she still has a huge set of fans. Most of them love her work and they follow her on social media. That can actually be a problem for some wrestlers as they might say things that may hurt a large portion of their fan base.

Paige is well-known for being very active on social media. Recently, she shared a story with Seconds Out. Paige stated that she has been receiving a lot of bad messages ever since Triple H made a joke about her having kids that she had no idea about.

"With a recent joke that was made, I had an influx of people who were just being really mean to me. It's hard to deal with, especially as a woman. A lot of the time, they're degrading me and making me feel like I'm not a woman and that I'm disgusting.

Some days it's hard, and then some days I'm just like f**k you." She also spoke about whether she will ever return to the ring or not. "Honestly, right now, I don't really know what's going on," Paige said.

"I'm just seeing where it goes, the door is always open. Right now with the time I have, I'm just relaxing from my neck surgeries and going to Fox Studios doing WWE Backstage. I'm excited to get back at some point."

Paige had to retire a few years ago after she suffered a horrific neck injury that could have left her paralyzed for life.