Paige on Celebrity Appearances

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Paige on Celebrity Appearances

Paige is a very famous retired WWE wrestler. She is a former Diva but was one of the women that helped start the Women’s Evolution that has gained a lot of traction in recent years. Paige was forced to retire due to a brutal neck injury that she sustained during a live event.

She now works at WWE Backstage as an analyst and rarely appears at any WWE event. Page was with Seconds Out and she spoke about athlete crossovers. Over the years, we have seen famous combat sports stars like Tyson Fury and Ronda Rousey wrestle in the WWE.

WWE has a history of inviting celebrities to wrestle inside a WWE ring. Even Iron Mike Tyson stepped in a ring to wrestle once. Paige stated that she was impressed by the WWE when they managed to acquire Tyson Fury and Ronda.

"I was really surprised actually, because there were a lot of times where you had actors and celebrities come over and it's a lot harder than it looks," Paige stated. "They try really hard, but some don't grasp it right away.

I feel like Ronda Rousey did such a great job - amazing job actually. She nailed it straight away. With Tyson Fury, I feel like when someone is in that type of entertainment industry (boxing), they understand it a little bit more. They can't wrestle as good, but they can fake it and make it look good."