Kofi Kingston on Adding More People

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Kofi Kingston on Adding More People

The WWE has produced many outstanding wrestling groups in the past. Groups like Degeneration X took the world by storm and they made professional wrestling popular all over the world. Then there were groups like the NWO that were so popular that almost every casual fan knew about them.

These days, the WWE still has some very good groups and factions that produce great matches and storylines. The New Day is one of those groups. Kofi Kingston was recently asked whether The New Day would actually add new members at some point.

This is because Big E once said “three ain’t enough”. Kingston stated that they will not add new members as that would ruin the entire group. "To me, adding anybody into the group makes the group completely different and that is the worst to me," Kingston professed.

"And I always use this example. We're going to talk about soup, okay? Because if you have tomatoes and water, you've got yourself a little bit of a tomato soup. But if you add a little cream to it, you have a tomato bisque.

It's not the same. It's similar! It's similar! But it ain't the same thing, so, to me, adding anybody into the group is a hard no from me unless you want to call it something completely different and end the group." Kofi Kingston is a former WWE Champion.