Kofi Kingston on Using Tricks at Royal Rumble

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Kofi Kingston on Using Tricks at Royal Rumble

Kofi Kingston is a former WWE Champion and is currently one half of the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions. He will be entering the 30-man Royal Rumble event that will take place soon. So far 27 men have been announced for the match.

Kofi will be appearing at the Royal Rumble for the 13th time in his career. The only other wrestlers that have made so many entrances are Goldust and Dolph Ziggler. Kane has made 19 appearances. Kofi has stopped himself from being eliminated in the past using a number of very creative tricks.

A video of him using some of the tricks is available to watch on YouTube. Big E and Kofi Kingston were interviewed by BT Sport recently. He was asked about what trick he will use this time at the Royal Rumble event. "What tricks? Did you say what tricks do I have planned for the rumble?" Kingston exclaimed.

"This is the way I feed my kids! You understand that? This is how I feed my family. This is how I put food in my family's mouth. And you think this is a trick? This is my job, sir! This is my life! It's not a trick, okay? It's not a stunt, okay? "I'm trying to win that Royal Rumble to get that winner's purse.

I bet you didn't know about that?” Kofi Kingston is looking to get back into the title picture with a Royal Rumble victory.