MVP’s Surprise Royal Rumble Appearance

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MVP’s Surprise Royal Rumble Appearance

MVP is a former WWE United States Champion and was a very successful heel. He made a surprise appearance at the WWE Royal Rumble event this year. He entered the 30-man Royal Rumble match. He was the 12th man to enter the ring and was the 11th man that was eliminated.

Brock Lesnar was the man that tossed him out. He lasted for no more than 24 seconds after entering. According to a few reports, MVP is going to be a part of the WWE for a little while longer and will make a few appearances for the promotion.

This report was released by the Wrestling Observer Live. We do not know what the WWE has in store for MVP though or how they plan on using MVP. It was noted that he will not be in the WWE for a significant amount of time though.

MPV posted a picture on Instagram recently. He appeared alongside Rey Mysterio and his son. "If you will indulge me in a moment of pure, unapologetic selfishness, tonight wasn't for me, or for any of YOU. Tonight was for this.

For my Lil Dude. Thank you, Rey. I love you bro #royalrumble2020," MVP wrote. MVP’s most famous feud was one with Matt Hardy which saw MVP getting knocked out by the legendary Evander Holyfield. MVP was never a top star in the company, but he knew how to get heat from the crowd.