Drew McIntyre on Winning the Royal Rumble

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Drew McIntyre on Winning the Royal Rumble

Who would have thought that we would see the rise of Drew McIntyre this fast? Drew just won the Men’s Royal Rumble match. It was a 30-Man Royal Rumble Match and he was the last man standing. Drew McIntyre’s first run in the WWE as below average.

He failed to win any noteworthy title or have any good wins under his belt. These days though, Drew is being used very regularly. Drew McIntyre did what many thought he wouldn’t be able to do. He eliminated Brock Lesnar from the Royal Rumble match.

This is one of his greatest achievements. Drew spoke about being chased by Lesnar now with The Bleacher Report. "It's the biggest deal. I've been struggling to find the words, but the only way I can do it is to say that this is simply a dream come true," McIntyre said.

"This is my life's work. I've always wanted to be a wrestler since I was four years old. I sent away to America for something called 'The Secrets of Pro Wrestling' when I was 11 years old and kept them in a briefcase because I had to keep the secrets from everybody as I trained”.

Drew made a huge name for himself at Impact Wrestling. He joined Impact Shortly after ending his first WWE run. He made his WWE return in 2017. Since then, he has fought some of the best WWE stars, including Roman Reigns many times. He was also part of many heel tag teams.