Sasha Banks Gives an Update on Her Status

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Sasha Banks Gives an Update on Her Status

Sasha Banks is known as The Boss in WWE. She and Charlotte Flair kickstarted the WWE Women’s Evolution. They participated in a lot of matches that women previously did not compete in, including a Hell in a Cell match. Banks is out of action.

She was placed on the shelf in January after taking a beating from Lacey Evans. Evans attacked Banks before her match against Bayley at the Royal Rumble PPV. Evans fought for the Smackdown Women’s Title. Banks last match was on the 3rd of January.

It took place during a Smackdown episode. She appeared on After The Bell Podcast where she spoke about her ankle injury and also stayed in character. "If you guys watched Friday night Smackdown a couple of weeks ago, the evil un-role model, terrible mother Lacey Evans tripped me backstage, and she hurt my ankle.

"I can barely walk ok. It's terrible. I'm a person that always wants to be 125 percent, and right now, I'm just at 100 percent. You guys just have to wait," Banks said. "It's unacceptable. I'm at 100 percent.

I need to be at 120 percent. I'm taking my time so that I can be bigger and better than ever." This injury is most likely a storyline injury. It can be real as well, but she was in character, so we don’t really know.