Vince McMahon on Partnership on Merge with XFL

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Vince McMahon on Partnership on Merge with XFL

The 2020 XFL season is about to start. Vince McMahon held the WWE 2019 earnings call just recently. It was noted that Vince has made a personal investment in the XFL. He was asked whether it would affect the WWE in any public equity terms.

"No, there is none of that," replied McMahon. "We have 400 employees over here and it's run by itself and vendors." Frank Reddick, Interm CFO of the WWE, stated that XFL will not be a part of any WWE Investments.

The WWE back in 2017 issued a filing to the SEC. The file revealed that Vince McMahon sold around $100 million worth of WWE stock. The money was used to fund Alpha Entertainment. Alpha Entertainment owns the XFL and this was done to separate the WWE from the XFL entirely.

The original XFL was launched back in 2001. The WWE was the co-owner of that and had nearly 50 percent of the XFL. NBC had the remaining 50 percent of the company. The original XFL saw a few crossovers between XFL and the WWE.

The Rock even cut a promo before a game once during those days. Vince was then asked whether there are any plans to merge the WWE with this XFL. "No, the XFL is a separate entity completely. We have 400 employees and the kickoff, of course, is this coming Saturday. It's completely separate," stated McMahon.