Jerry Lawler describes his own experiences with Vince McMahon

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Jerry Lawler describes his own experiences with Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon's father, Vincent James McMahon, was the founder of WWE, known at the time as WWF, in 1952. Vince began his career in this federation, holding the role of ring-side commentator and interviewer; following the death of his father in 1984, he became the president of WWF together with his wife Linda Edwards.

Despite never being a real wrestler, McMahon is a two-time world champion, having once held the WWF Championship and once the ECW Championship; he also won the Royal Rumble match in 1999. A third-generation wrestling promoter (following his grandfather Jess and father Vincent), McMahon is married to former WWE CEO and former American SBA Administrator Linda McMahon, with whom he has two children, son Shane and daughter Stephanie.

He is the father-in-law of WWE executive/wrestler Paul "Triple H" Levesque and has six grandchildren. Speaking on Steve Austin Show, Jerry Lawler described his own experiences with Vince over the headset: “I on the other hand, over all these years Steve.

It’s unbelievable. I’ve never — Vince has never yelled at me one time. I would go through, I don’t know, weeks and weeks of shows where I didn’t even hear Vince say a word to me. And we’d be back in break 15, and JR would — they cut our microphones off and he says, ‘Is he wearing you out tonight?” And I say, ‘I haven’t even heard from him.’ He said, ‘Oh, Jesus, he’s killing me!'”