Jerry Lawler explains how Vince is with him now

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Jerry Lawler explains how Vince is with him now

Jerry "The King" Lawler is an American wrestler and television personality currently under contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Furthermore, he fights sporadically in the independent circuit. In his long career he has won 168 titles; overall he held more titles than any other wrestler who ever played in WWE, although he never won any title in the Vince McMahon federation.

On the most latest Steve Austin Show, Lawler explained how Vince is with him now: “But now, you know, now that I’m back on there just this past week. Like I said, all Vince will do very occasionally, is he will see something and you know … if you remember, Vince — heck, right before he started working with you, Vince was the play-by-play guy on all the shows.

And I loved when I first started, I was working with Vince. I was doing the color and Vince was the play-by-play guy. I loved working with Vince. He was an awesome play-by-play guy. He really got it, and I loved working with him.

And so, that’s still in the back of his mind, and when he’s watching a show, he sees something. And if it’s something that just comes to him that he would say, he will punch a button and he will suggest something for me to say on the show. But he doesn’t do it every often."