Jericho on Vince’s View of Eddie Guerrero

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Jericho on Vince’s View of Eddie Guerrero

Chris Jericho is veteran professional wrestling and was the first-ever WWE Undisputed Champion. Before joining the WWE, he was a WCW wrestler. He never got to the top of the WCW. That is why he jumped ship and joined the WWE. The WWE is where he grew and became very popular.

Chris Jericho has fought some of the best wrestlers of all time in the WWE. He even beat Stone Cold and The Rock on the same night once. Jericho recently held his cruise called Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager At Sea: Part Deux.

During the cruise he held a Talk is Jericho session. Chavo, Vickie, and Shaul Guerrero joined him for this episode. He spoke about the late great Eddie Guerrero. He stated that Vince knew that Eddie would be a big star one day.

Eddie indeed went on to become a really big star, especially after he became Latino Heat. "When he came to WWE with [Chris] Benoit and Dean [Malenko] and Perry Saturn and Eddie came as The Radicalz, about two weeks in, I was talking to Brian Gewirtz, who was the head writer at the time, and he said, we were talking about Benoit.

'We'll work with Benoit - we'll do this. We're going to have you do something with Eddie.' I said, 'okay, that's fine.' And he says, 'Vince says Eddie is 'The One'' because at the time, this was pre-Latino Heat.